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There is a wide range of camping gear available so if you are looking to start camping, you may feel a little confused. Thankfully, I when I first started to plan my first camping trip, I was introduced to a real pro who taught me everything that I needed to know. I soon invested in a high-quality tent and other equipment such as a rucksack and sleeping bag. I even picked up some cool ex-army equipment from the surplus store. I now feel really confident about going out and camping. I hope you find this blog useful and entertaining to read.



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First-time Borrowers: Financing Alternatives for a Recreational Vehicle

Saving is not a walk in the park. Life demands so much from your pocket, such that you often find yourself digging into the little you save so you can make ends meet. In the process, you find it hard to acquire certain assets such as vehicles and houses. Particularly, recreational vehicles (RVs) may be harder because you only need them for vacationing and recreational activities. This is where car loans come in handy. A good creditor will lend you the money you need at a reasonable interest rate and repayment interest. Certainly, you have various alternatives at your disposal when choosing a loan to finance your RV purchase. Here are some of the options you can use:

Credit Unions and Banks

Banks and credit unions are traditional lenders in most markets. Stiff competition among banks and credit unions could be leveraged against high rates of interest. You can easily get a good deal, as every banker tries to lure you into banking with them. On the downside, many banks consider RVs as luxury purchases. They are likely to isolate the loaning options available for these purchases and charge high interest. The bank might also ask you for high-value collateral such as a title deed. Lastly, banking interest rates are subject to government interest rates. Political uncertainty might push you into heavy debt that you haven't planned on paying back.

Financing at the Dealership

Recreational vehicle dealers recognise the monetary challenge most people have when it comes to buying RVs. Therefore, most of them offer an on-site financing option. Dealership loans are easy to access because the vehicle dealers are eager to make a sale. You can easily bargain for a low rate. Additionally, dealers have flexible repayment periods reaching as far as 20 years to maximise their chances of selling. Lastly, dealership financing may allow you to benefit from additional options of acquiring RVs. A good example is trade-ins. You can use your RV for a few years, clear your loan balance and trade it in for a new one at a fair price.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are available from many creditors. Micro-finance institutions and digital lenders are good examples of lenders who can grant personal loans. When choosing a personal loan, you should go for a secured personal loan where you can offer an alternative asset as security against the loan you receive. Securing your loan with an asset increases the lender's confidence, and they will be more willing to lower the interest rate.

In conclusion, dealership financing is the best alternative for buying a recreational vehicle. The option of a trade-in makes it stand out from the rest.