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There is a wide range of camping gear available so if you are looking to start camping, you may feel a little confused. Thankfully, I when I first started to plan my first camping trip, I was introduced to a real pro who taught me everything that I needed to know. I soon invested in a high-quality tent and other equipment such as a rucksack and sleeping bag. I even picked up some cool ex-army equipment from the surplus store. I now feel really confident about going out and camping. I hope you find this blog useful and entertaining to read.



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Hitting the road with your camper trailer

Australia is just filled with places to explore, from expanses of dense bush to vast bodies of water, and the best way to see this wide, brown land is to get out there and start cruising. If you're bored by packaged bus tours, or by towing a heavy van down endless asphalt highways from one McDonald's to another, exploring Australia by camper trailer could be just the thing for your next adventure.

Types of camper trailers

Camper trailers came in many shapes and sizes, from single person models to monster all terrain and off road trailers, and no matter your needs or preferences you're sure to find the right trailer for you. There are three main styles of campers:

  1. Wind up. Featuring a hard floor and a roof, these are similar to a caravan inside. There are many innovative features available, such as beds that extend from each end of the trailer.

  2. Soft floor. Similar in style to a tent with a soft floor, these camper trailers usually require you to take off a vinyl cover, extend the frame and stretch out the canvas.

  3. Flip over. Featuring a clever design, these trailers travel with a hard top that is flipped over to become a raised floor for camping.

Preparing your camper trailer

Traveling with a camper trailer can pose some challenges to the uninitiated, and preparation is the key to getting the most out of your adventure. A few simple checks before you go will save you hours of frustration down the road and, if you're planning a long trip, make sure to repeat your checks every now and again.

Before you hit the road take the time to look over every aspect of your trailer and camping equipment, or have a professional do it for you. Things to watch are:

  1. Brakes. Whether they are electric, hydraulic or mechanical, you'll rely on your brakes to keep you safe and prevent needless wear and tear on your car.

  2. Suspension. Look for signs of metal fatigue on your bushes, suspension arms and shockers.

  3. Wheels and bearings. Your bearings will bear the entire load of the trailer, so make sure they are in good nick. Check your tyres for embedded nails and any cracks in the sidewalls, and look over your rims too.

  4. Body. Check for metal fatigue in your drawbar and chassis and look out for leaks in water and gas lines.

  5. Electrics. Make sure your batteries are free from corrosion and your charging system is doing its job well.

Touring with a camper trailer offers many advantages over taking either the bus, the car, or the caravan. Camper trailers are far lighter and easier to tow than caravans, they use less fuel and, because they don't obscure your vision while driving the way caravans can, they are safer too. But the best thing about camper trailers is their ability to really get off road, and that feeling of getting back to nature with more airflow and only canvas walls and ceiling around you.

So take the time to choose the best trailer for your needs, do your preparation, and you'll have a trip to remember for years to come. Speak to a professional at companies like Austrack Campers for more information.